Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Things are developing!

 Nice sequence of shots of the Indian ( Hawk ?) Owl coming in the get his chicken leg from Barbara.

Update for Members of the 21st Century Technology & Camera Group that were out Saturday 7th February, at Peckforton Castle testing out their new found skills with their cameras. 

I am still POST Processing shots taken at Peckforton Castle, and will be using PICASA3 (FREE!!!) for the JPEGS, and Lightroom 4 for the RAW images
This will be a great test to use both photo post processing software packages and then compare a few of the end results. 

Still "Horses for Courses" as I have found out over the many years I have been taking photographs, both paid and up-paid for the post processed photos.

So still a very long way to go today and into next week, with my post processing, but with the quality of the Birds of Prey close up images, using my latest 50 mm Prime Lens, I will this time really enjoy the post processing, for a change :)

Have just completed the sequence above using PICASA3 (first) with the JPEG images and these are not too bad for JPEGS. I quite like this sequence of photos, so have placed these up for others in the group to view. More later.

I am now looking forward to completing the same shots using Lightroom 4 with some of the better close up images, as no doubt using Lightroom SHOULD / will make my better images, a "tad" better than using PICASA3.

A REALLY enjoyable day out for all the group, and a tad cold at the top of Peckforton Hills, but good for the soul and our members photography experience.

Quite funny, to see that the Wives of Cheshire, or is it Cheshire Wives, also enjoy the Castle and setting, on Monday night. 

But I bet they paid a small fortune to spend time at Peckforton, but nicer for the Group as we got it FREE :)

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