Thursday, 12 February 2015

Group Photography Training for those who wish for MORE!!

Photo by Cliff Astles. Testing out my recent gift of a NOKIA Lumina phone, with Carl Zeiss Lens, Camera.21st Group members enjoying a night of the recent 365 days of Photograpahy @ TATTON HALL.
Presentation and Photos by Mark Willaimson, one of Cheshires better know North West, & UK Professional Photographers, now based in Knutsford, Cheshire.

I may have confused (which is not unusual for me, these days :( ) members of the of the 21st Century Technology & Camera Group with my recent POLL regarding ADDITIONAL photography training for members wishing to progress more rapidly, then they feel they are doing.

I have been approached by a number of members wishing to obtain more specific photography training (using their own camera), as although attending our group meetings, most of the time, but for work related and other reasons do not get to use their new skills either quick enough, or for as long a time as they would wish.

Therefore, as we are about to purchase a new laptop for the 21st group, and for a small sum, we can have the CRAFT ROOM at the Willowmere in the evenings and Sundays to use for more in depth and more camera related training, with members who wish to do this, and pay a small amount for so doing.

I have considered it would be making more use of the Group Laptop and Group Member Skills, to help these members who wish to have more ONE to ONE or small group photography training more often.

Therefore, to gauge the level of interest for this more concentrated training, which is member requested, what we should charge members for so doing at prices they can afford to pay, which would indeed make much more use of the group laptop, so I put out the previous POLL.

What perhaps was not made clear by the POLL was that monthly group meetings with both internal and external presenters will continue as normal, with both photography related presenters, and later some measure of related technical training for photo post processing and other related topics, and also subjects requested by members, as long as these are in keeping with what we are about.

Viz, Member requested photography training, would be in addition to the normal and FREE to members, the monthly "Instructional Photo Outings" which are so very popular, and a GREAT help to attendees.

Myself, and at least one other member has expressed interest to do this training with members, and no doubt when it becomes operational, there will be more member volunteers, to make this work even better.

As a guide to costs to be charged to members. Costs of doing something along the same lines, but NOT photography related as such, are done by Age UK would be some :-

£50.00 for a home visit. No time specified, but must assume a one hour session at home.

£ 10.00 for One to One on Computers, on the vary basics of computing and the Internet. Perhaps 30 mins ?
can't see this being done for £ 10.00 per hour, but this could be true.

£ 10.00 for attendance in a small group session (as proposed). This could well be for ONE HOUR.

Therefore, the prices that I was suggesting are somewhat less than a fully blown national charity is charging.

I would need to confirm these prices as it is not to clear on their web page if the "sessions" are for 30 mins, or 60 mins. So we will have to assume they are for 60 mins.

I will put up the POLL again to gauge members reaction and interest when members have had time to read this at their leisure and can react to the revised POLL with the more information provided.

Comments / reaction for ALL to see can be placed on the group Facebook Page.

Or if you are interested in helping other members with training as above, just in-box myself and we can plan the way ahead together.

It is intended that the Group Laptop (when purchased) will be made available at the monthly group meetings for members to use for personal training, or being shown more detailed information by a suitably qualified member.

The newly purchased 32inch HD TV will also be connected and used as the laptop monitor using the Laptop HDMI Connection, with a suitable cable, so members can also view what is going on with the training.

Persons using this high value group asset, will always have a qualified member around to make sure it is not being incorrectly used.

It will NOT be connected to the Internet, as yet until Willowmere has their own WIFI connection.

Hope that the above helps.


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