Monday, 9 February 2015

Member Update following PECKFORTON CASTLE. Group Photo Outing-Saturday 7th February 2015.

Photo by Mal Wetton-GHOST IMAGES for FEB 2015 member photo presentation.

Photo Cliff Astles-Any photos of our feathered friends for the Feb 2015 member photo presentation

Photo Cliff Astles- Any photos from Peckforton-Birds either STATIC or FLYING.

Following an extremely good afternoon at Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, members have already provided to me probably the best response to date,  for member photos from a photo day out.

Have now completed the first part of the Group Members Photo Presentation for the Group Monthly evening of WEDNESDAY 18th FEBRUARY, BUT still have PLENTY of ROOM for MORE PHOTOS. Please get these to me ASAP.

NEXT Saturday evening being the CUT OFF time for photos to me, so I have time to include them into the presentation, without ANY pressure to complete :(

TOPIC REMINDER for FEB :- GHOST pictures, as per the sample below. Peckforton Castle photos, plus if you did not manage to make the day out, ANY you have of our FEATHERED FRIENDS, birds from anywhere, land, lakes, gardens etc

Still LOADS of space left in the MS PowerPoint Presentation for more photos,  just as long as you keep photos sent to myself 500K in size, or less. 250 K size is OK as well.

Why do we have this kind of photo display at meetings, with peoples names against their photos ?

We have had this from the beginning of the group and is intended for members to view their own photos, from either group outings, or the group topic for the month. By doing this members can compare their own photos with other member photos and see just how well they are progressing, when the Monthly Topic is the same for all. Also, when out on photo outings, we are also looking to get the same kind of shots, without it being a COMPETITION.

e.g. At Peckforton we were looking for photos of STATIC BIRDS, plus BIRDS FLYING. The subject was the same BIRDS, but the camera settings were different for the two different "poses".

BUT, apart from individual photos which members also wish to take, we were ALL looking at taking the same photos, with the same or very similar camera settings. That is the teaching / training aspect of our photo outings.

Our group is all about members learning how best to use their own cameras, and at the same time getting FREE help from other members to improve as well, along with the technology for all other aspects of placing photos onto the Internet, of which there is a lot to learn.

With the NEW Web Page Gallery Photos (when Melody has completed her work on the Member Gallery Photo Albums), it is being planned that you will be able to run your computer mouse OVER each photo, and see the members camera settings for each photo, when provided by the member. You can then use this technical camera info to try out the same camera settings with your own camera, to hopefully get the same results, and improve your own photos, in your own time.

ie NO PRESSURE from ANYONE :) Just enjoy your photography, whilst taking many more photos as you do so and you will improve, very quickly.

IF in doubt about any aspect of photography (until the Web Page Forum is available) you can either place your question onto the groups Facebook Page, or send a message to MAL WETTON or myself with the requested info, and we will try and answer any query as quickly as possible.

REMEMBER Questions NOT ASKED can NEVER be answered :) :) :)

Cliff Astles

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