Thursday, 19 February 2015

Group Photos used in the INDEPENDENT Local Mid Cheshire Newspaper.

Photo by Ken Rane-River Dane in November-Croxton Lane Bridge, Middlewich-Cheshire.

Wonderful opportunity for members of the 21st Century Technology & Camera Group.

The Independent News Editor is planning to have a feature article on Mid-Cheshire each month. The article will contain photos taken by group members of beauty spots, interesting buildings and other features that have been taken in and around Mid-Cheshire.

The first pictures for this have already been sent to myself, and I have sent these on-wards for publication in the next issue of the Independent.

This new idea for the paper will publish photos by members, provided each photo is:-

A JPEG file type, of ideally between 4 or 5 megabyte in size

Has a photo identifier, ie where taken of what, by whom, with a suitable photo CAPTION.

Photos should, until we have this fully operational in the Group Web Page, be sent to myself, via the group  e-mail at 

I will then do a compilation set of these photos and get these to the Editor of the Independent paper, in time for each months article and photographs, with the details as above for photos selected for use that month.

This is a GREAT opportunity for all the groups members to start to look around for good photo spots and buildings, and hopefully, your photos will feature in the papers feature articles on Mid-Cheshire.

The article will mention that photos have been provided by the 21st Century Technology & Camera Group, which as you all know is quite invaluable when it comes to group marketing, in order to get more members interested in being part of what we do together in the group.

DON'T miss this opportunity, they do NOT come along too often :)


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