Tuesday, 17 February 2015

21st Group TRAINING LAPTOP Purchased for Member-Photography & Technology Training.

Wave your FLAGS HIGH!

21st Group now have a Laptop & Large TV Screen Monitor / Photo & Business Software

Yesterday-Monday 16th February will go down as a major milestone for members of the group. 

The group now own a NEW High Specification HP Laptop, which is currently being set up and properly configured by a Group Sponsor Company, Amita UK Ltd, of Middlewich Cheshire.

On completion of this work the Laptop will be made available to the group. The Laptop will be used at Group Monthly Meetings by members wishing to brush up their skills using the latest Photo Post Processing / Business Software, or used to present to the group, using the projector and large screen.

This will help to reduce the need for the continued use of members personal technical equipment at meetings, and more importantly will provide the group with a new training facility, using the latest photography and business software.

Plans are being made to also use the laptop at other times to help members with any One to One, and small groups training at the Willowmere, either over weekends or at other nights using Willowmere.

Watch this space for more details of the training plans over the next few weeks, when these have been fully thought through and details finalised.

The laptop and other technical equipment yet to be purchased, has ONLY been enabled by Grants provided by both Middlewich Town Council and Cheshire East Council. 

More GRANT and local SPONSOR funding is still required by the group.

Grants will always be a task worth completing by the group, but help from local sponsors will also be sought by the group over the next few months and years to ensure the groups continued progress.

Cliff Astles

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