Monday, 2 February 2015

Group Monthly (February) Photo Topic Update


Hi, realised, hope not too late, that my photo Topic for the month of February is somewhat MUCH TO EASY for members to test out their own new found photography skills and improvements L

GHOST images are not too easy to find in Cheshire, with all the new building that has taken place, and when members find them, it is much too easy (photography wise) to get a clear shot of them.

Therefore,  to ensure that members are more taxed at using their new found skills, I have decided that as well as GHOST images for submission of photos to myself for the FEB Member Photo Presentation, we should extend this to cover “BIRDS of the FEATHERED VARIETY” as well as the GHOST ones.

The bird photos can be of ANY kind, i.e. close ups in your garden, which are not too easy to get, but would much prefer to get members to get photos of BIRDS FLYING, as well as those just sitting, or paddling, or even DUCKING below water. You will see these in all of the local ponds and lakes, with Shakerley Mere being locally and of note. Great crested GRIBE, there are a few, but single HERON and Seagulls are in a plenty.

So there you are GHOST, and BIRD shots a plenty to me ASAP, no more than 500k in size, and no more than 3 to 5 photos. Send more if you cannot chose which are your best, I will select the best 3 to 5 for you.
These will be placed onto the MS PowerPoint-Member Photo Presentation as normal and the Photo.

Presentation for the Group Meeting, Wednesday evening, 18th February-Willowmere-Middlewich.

This meeting is quite an important one for the group, as all being well and no sudden calls from HMG we will have the Middlewich Town Crier in attendance, in FULL LIVING COLOUR (nice for photos, so please bring your cameras), the Middlewich Town Council Mayor, and Consort, and the MP for Congleton Mrs Fiona Bruce.

All surely impressed with what we have achieved in such a very short time, as a NEW Cheshire Community Group, with now more than 100 plus, group members. We can impress them even more if we manage to get as many members and visitors as we managed at the last group meeting (more than 30 people).
Therefore, please make sure you get ALL of your photos to myself before end SATURDAY 14th Feb to ensure I have time to put a decent presentation together for the night, and place your name down on the Facebook EVENTS for that night so we can also ensure of correct staffing (particularly at brew time) so my wife and her helpers can get the tea and coffee hot and steaming to you ALL.

Unless, I am helping L as she said last time “we manage much better without you being involved”, just hope she means the tea time L, but you never know L

We need to make the right impression, so numbers involved are important, and with Owen Lloyd, of Owen Lloyd Photography showing the way ahead, with his presentation on the basics ( and much more) of creating GREAT PHOTOS we will again have a GREAT NIGHT for members and friends.

As ALWAYS, HELPER and CARERS attend for FREE. Both at meetings and member photo outings.


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