Thursday, 26 February 2015

21st Group Photography Instructional Outings for FREE!!

Photo by member Mr Ken Rane, provided for our member Monthly Photo Presentation.

WHAT is the purpose of Group Instructional Photo Outings?

Why, have we been arranging group meetings since the group commenced to operate in MARCH 2014?

Why, is it that we now can get some 20 members and family to attend such meetings? (plus,children as well).

Why, do group members do this for FREE?................... They do this so that you can :-

A) Meet in a relaxed and non pressure group with like minded people, with new and experienced photographers who use a whole range of differing digital cameras and with members that range from those having NO experience in photography, to being retired professional photographers. Members are helped by other more skilled and experienced member photographers, who just wish to do this for the pleasure and fun of helping others, and sharing the fantastic experience of learning.

B) Be taught how best to use their OWN CAMERA to make their own photographs, so much better.

C) To all capture the same shot, be it a flower, bird, countryside, woodlands etc after being told, how best to take that kind of shot, using their camera.

D) To also be able to ask members how best to take any other photograph, whilst out and about with the group, to gain even more experience and enjoy the creative art of photography.

Following the group photo outing we ask for members to provide 3 to 5 of their own "better" photos, that are quite small (less than 500K) in size, so we may take their photos and make this into a member photo presentation that is displayed when members arrive at the start of monthly meetings.

This is the time where they can themselves see how well their own photos came out, when compared to other member photos that were taken of  THE SAME TOPIC with the same camera settings. They will see, without asking any further questions, just how well they have done, compared to other members. 

They are also encouraged to make a note of members photographs and names, so if they wish to follow up they can contact members directly and ask questions, say on Facebook about the members photos / settings etc and ask how they can improve their own photos, buy discussing this in PRIVATE with the other member.


Make sure you find time to also come along to our now regular monthly SATURDAY afternoon outings.

Your own photography skills will come on in leaps and bounds, as it has for many of our newer members.

Just ASK that question that has been bugging you for ages, and did not who to ask :)

 Just ask around the group and they will tell how they enjoy the outings, and how their own photos have improved since taking part.


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