Sunday, 22 February 2015

MARCH 2015-Member Photo Presentation-Early Reminder

Photo by Cliff Astles
Taken this morning 22/02/15 at about 7.30 am.

Just thought I would put this up as a nice sunny morning photo reminder, for those that were not lucky enough to get up and about before the RAIN, HAIL, SNOW & RAIN finally came to Cheshire, and probably to spoil most peoples day :(

Having decided to have this months topic of  SUNRISE and SUNSETS I then added another topic of SPRING FLOWERS.

Therefore, for the doubters for getting any photos with sunshine or any kind, I thought this would show other members that there is a sun out there. There are ALSO many Crocus, Snowdrops, and in fact many other Spring Flowers around to get that SPECIAL shot for our member presentations.

PLEASE, get your photos to me fairly quickly (less than 500 K in size, please) as when we have many HUNDREDS, as we did last month, it does take a little time to get these sorted, and placed with members names into a MS PowerPoint Presentation.

This one was POST Processed using PICASA3 from Google, which I do rate highly as quick and easy way to improve your photos, with Photo Post Processing Software, and to add any special effects ( Photo boarders on this one only) as below. ...............Photo by Cliff Astles.

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