Wednesday, 11 February 2015



Three cheers for the NEW A5 Marketing Brochure, for General Group Marketing.

The new general group marketing A5 (small) brochure has today arrived, all 2,500 of them!

They will be available at coffee / tea break for members to take 10 off -per person (or more if members wish to have more) to give out to, family, friends and work colleges to make sure we get the message out to as many new potential members as possible.

They will also be distributed to many local libraries, what's on in Cheshire etc, and other similar places to help with our groups awareness in Cheshire campaign to recruit members to the group.

More members, means more financial security and makes the group  more future proof. 

It also means we are helping the local community get to grips with today's home and work place technology, creating a friendly and welcoming environment for residents of all ages to learn and help others to understand technology, and how to get the best from their own digital camera, mobile phone cameras, and much much more.

Money to pay for the brochures / project was from the Cheshire East and Middlewich Town Council's GRANT for community groups awarded to the group in 2014. We will continue to apply for such grants, and others in the future.


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