Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday 16 Jan 2015.

Would Group Members please make sure they find time to look at and explore the New Group Web Page.
This can be found at

Melody would like to see members using it as soon as possible, provided feedback, so she can get to grips with any modifications / enhancements you may find when first viewing the site.


Photo added to check out it works. :) and itr does. This is a photo of the TRANSPORTER BRIDGE that was installed to get passengers from RUNCORN to WIDNES and back, in Victorian times.

I did actually see it working for real, with passengers. However, neither me or my younger sister Kay would take a trip on the contraption. This looks to be at a time when it was first opened in ??? With a TRAM and loads of men on bowler hats, note NO LADIES :)

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