Wednesday, 21 January 2015

21st Century Technology & Camera Group-Cheshire East Community Group Grant

Just to let members know that we have finally received the cheque for £500.00 from Cheshire East for the successful application for a community grant, to help the group grow, and to also help with paying group expanses and costs in the future.

It is currently proposed that the monies will be used to help the group pay expanses and to purchase items, currently loaned to the group by members for presentations etc, and to do more marketing for new group members etc.

We will now also be going ahead with the purchase of a NEW high technical specification Laptop. 

The laptop will be installed with software specifically designed to help with photo post processing.  
e.g. Lightroom 5, plus other FREE and special software packages that are used to enhance photos etc. 

Additionally, the Laptop will also be installed with Microsoft Office to help with general member training, for use at home and in business for all members, particularly for our younger members and those in our group that may wish to brush up their own skills on business application software.

We can also by using the Group Laptop meet with other potential member groups to show them what we are doing in the community, and would they wish to join the group ? 

We will also be using the laptop (with a suitable PP presentation) to meet with potential SPONSORS and other public bodies to obtain funds for the group and business sponsorship and advertisements (if possible).

Further grant applications are currently in the process of being generated, and there are a few we await the results.

Cliff 21st January 2015.

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