Monday, 19 January 2015

British Civil War

How much do YOU know about the British Civil War in Cheshire, and in particular the Battle for Nantwich and MIDDLEWICH in 1643 (ish) ??????

Not very much if you are like me, so want to find out more ??

Well, this next weekend at Nantwich, with the March onto the Town and Battle, you can see something like 3 to 500 regular re-enactment people, all suitably dressed in period costumes, with all the paraphernalia of  war, all around the Town and Battle Field.

What an action packed day for all of our 21st Century Technology & Camera group to test out their camera "ACTION" shots for real. The photos will be with you forever, and help you to also remember what happen in Cheshire in the 1700, that shaped the British Island, to what it is today and for EVER.

I have been asked for the last 5 years or so to provide photos to the Nantwich Branch of the Sealed Knot Society, so they may have them for their own Marketing purposes. YES, I will be there from 9.00 am until something like 4.00 / 4.30 pm making sure they have photos to use from this years activities.

This year they have kindly invited myself and Barbara to their evening dinner at the CROWN HOTEL in Nantwich, where there will be even more for me to try and capture as they will also be performing ( after the meal) by showing dancing of the 1700, and they will again be all suitably dressed in period costume.

NO, NOT ME, I have got to get back from Nantwich to Middlewich, hot bath, hot shave, get dressed in my JAMES BOND evening attire, if it will fit :( and be there for something like 7.00 pm. To meet and greet and get photos of attending, in their formal and period dresses and stuff.).

All in a days work :) :) :) and I JUST LOVE DOING IT.

A GREAT day out for you keen group photographers, and a good day out for ALL the family. See u there.


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