Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Topic Inspiration for members.

Photo from last Saturday's Holly Holy Day-Nantwich-more on my Facebook Site.
Let's see if we can get our group members as "fired up" as this Parliamentarian Army Canon Gun was this last weekend, by members looking at interesting topics for our monthly photo presentation, and places to go out together as a group on our FREE "Instructional Photo Outings".

Plus, what do our members wish to have more information on with respect to digital camera photo techniques and technical equipment, in order to continue to make the group presentations by members and outside professionals as interesting as we have been able to do, thus far.

YES, the committee do have many photo topics, outings, and group presentation subjects lined up to help members to become more proficient photographers, learn about the technology of the digital camera, photo post processing software, and other wider and interesting photo related subjects.

However, we also wish to have feedback from members on how they are enjoying being a member, what they think of the varying presentations, and more importantly, what would they like to see from the group in the future. This we can use for group marketing so that others can be stimulated by what we are achieving in our community, and get others to join the group.

We are now over 100 members, with 89 on Facebook, and other members not wishing to be using Facebook, hence one of the reasons for the  recently announced Group Web Page. 

The Web Page will progressively take over from using Social Media as the main group information provider of group information, but will continue to use social media facilities as and when this is the best way ahead.

The group FORUM, when made available to members will be used to ask for member advice on  digital cameras, technology, futures, camera photo settings etc and members will be able to discuss all of these topics, without UK and International adverts being imposed upon the group. 

It will be JUST for GROUP Members, with professional input from members and external local professional individuals and bodies.

Therefore, as I have asked members before, the group is for members and we ask for input from members to make sure we have a future timetable of "goodies" to satisfy all members, young, old, male and female.

ANY input / suggestions / feedback / suggested changes should be e-mailed to myself using the group       e-mail of 21stctncg@gmail.com.

ALL, suggestions will be considered for future use by the group, as long as these would be of interest to the majority of the group members.

Thank you all for your continued interest and attendance at outings and group meetings.

Kindest Regards


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