Friday, 23 January 2015

Outlook for Saturday 24th Jan 2015 - rough!

The weather for Saturday looks to be a bright and sunny day (little close to zero for me and my more mature 21st Group friends, but who cares about the weather, when there is such a FEAST of photo opportunities, with much to eat and drink.

Nantwich Holly Holy Day-TOMORROW Sat 24th Jan 2015

There is activity in and around Nantwich for residents and visitors from about mid-morning, with the main activity being the march by the troops from their camps to the Town Centre, at about lunch time. 

See the official Brochure On-Line to get the official times.

This is a NOT to be MISSED opportunity for all budding photographers (and video) creators and with the good weather forecast there should be a GREAT DAY for ALL the family.

The Church in the main town square will also be open to visitors and is well worth a trip to see the very many items of interest. Particularly the carvings in the church which were done at about 1340 AD.

Get there EARLY as the many CAR PARKS quickly fill up, on such an important day for Nantwich

Photo by Ruth Myers 
Nantwich Church was used to hold captured ROYALIST troops after the battles.

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