Sunday, 18 January 2015

Photos for January meeting, 21st Group Website and new policies.

Canal Boat Photos from Photo Outing-Saturday 17th Jan 2015.

You may, if you wish, add a small (10 to 15) photo album to the 21st group Facebook Page, plus you need to make sure you also let me have your own selection of 5 photos to place onto the Member Photo Presentation for Wed Night.  Why only 10 to 15 ? photos, to make sure I do not have to purchase another disk drive :) Members took many hundreds of photos on this trip :)


As most members now know, you can view the new website at
This has been designed and created by group member Melody Smith and is available for members to view / use NOW. More and more facilities will be released to enhance and complete the task to make it 100%,  progressively by Melody, over the next few weeks and months.

Members are requested to feed back to Melody any errors they may find or difficulties they have with using the website plus anything they see as being useful to include in the Website.

Proposed Policies

Both Facebook and the website will be used side by side. However we will need to work out the best way to contact members. Entries into this blog can be viewed on both the group Facebook page and website and this is why I am currently using this to announce member meeting details. It would be good to eventually have this blog for reports on events and subjects (camera and tech related) which may be of use to group members. It is hoped that members will also submit blog posts to me for inclusion. All members are welcome to comment on blog posts. Comments will be moderated.
It is proposed that we use Mailchimp to email club members with details of meetings and other information. This way we are not reliant on:
  • members being on fb (not all are);
  • members signing on to fb to receive important messages;
  • fb privacy settings preventing some members seeing 'shared' information;
  • members having Facebook posts sent to their phone.

Mailchimp is fully compliant with data protection laws and ensures that the group is handling member data correctly. To enable this to happen we need your email address. Please DO NOT send these by any means that would make them available publicly. A new 'contact details' sheet will be made available for you complete from the web page shortly. If you have any concerns about this proposed change in group policy please contact me (Cliff) in person or via. the group email. If time permits the subject will be discussed at the upcoming meeting.

We will also be looking for keen members to become committee members or sub-committee members. It is envisaged that committee members will represent the whole group and contribute to steering the club's direction; sub-committee members would help with one or two jobs within the club ie. monitoring comments on the blog or forum, updating the website etc.

Onward and Upward.


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