Saturday, 17 January 2015

Instructional Photo Outing-Sat 17th Jan 2015

Member Update-Post Photo Outing Trip on Narrowboat, Sat 17 Jan 2015.

A quick post straw POLL of the trip says, EXCELLENT TRIP, need to do something like this again, Perhaps in the SPRING when it is a tad warmer.

However, with nearly 20 people attending this MUST be the best attended, and most expansive trip we have been able to get organised. :) :) :)

Therefore ALL GOOD.TWO BOATS, 1-75 feet, other 65 feet :( :( :(  ;)

If members wish to get some of their photos up for others to see quite soon, then add 10 (ish) to make a small album, and add then to the group, but no more than 1 megbyte per photo, please.

Furthermore, I NEED your BEST FIVE from the day to myself, via the GROUP e-Mail of 

They will then be placed in the photos to view on WEDNESDAY NIGHT at the Group Meeting at the Willowmerte-Middlewich. 7.00 pm start. See GROUP EVENT for more detailed info.

Don't delay make it soon, so I have time to do a good job with your photos :)

Will DAVE make it through the BRIDGE?...................................................

...OF Course he did :)

Will now be composing my normal Group Press Release to show just what a GREAT GROUP we have, and what we do for photo outings. Nothing NORMAL or mundane for the 21st Group :)

PLEASE, around with you friends and family, the more we do the better it gets, and the more members makes life easier for us all, and keeps the GROUP BANK BALANCE in the BLACK----YES!!!!


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