Sunday, 18 January 2015

Group Meeting-Willowmere-Middlewich-Wed 18th Feb 2015

Photo by Cliff Astles-Dave Warren.
Dave lines up his "Destroyer" to make sure he gets through the canal bridge in one piece :)

We are lucky enough to have OWEN Lloyd with us again, this time making sure we understand and take full advantage of all the wonderful  features of your digital camera. 

Owen, will be providing us with more detail on digital camera basics / technical information on digital camera settings, focus, depth of field etc with member Q and A sessions.

This workshop is designed to get members to more fully understand their camera's, with basic info and more! Also to help you take better quality, creative photos. If you have any questions then start getting them ready now!

Please make sure you ADD your name to the 21st GROUP EVENT on Facebook if you are a member and intend or maybe planning to attend. You may bring friends and family if you wish. All attendees pay the same Fee. 

This is particularly important to NEW members as we wish to make sure you are properly introduced to current members and feel part of the group, right from the outset, at our Willomere Group Meetings.

Unsure, on ANYTHING................. just give Cliff a call on 07971 136360

Onward and Upward.



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