Tuesday, 20 January 2015

21st Century Technology & Camera Group-"Instructional Photo Outing" Feb 7th 2015

Pictures-in and around Peckforton Castle,  by Cliff Astles
Looking ahead to next months (FEB) photo outing it has now been scheduled to take place at Peckforton Castle, South West Cheshire. Full detail of the outing can be found by looking at the group Facebook site EVENTS, and members are requested to add their names to the EVENT if they plan to attend.

My wife Barbara has "volunteered" (she has always wanted to do this anyhow :) ) to act as "bait" for the variety of  RAPTOR birds they have available and this in itself is a fantastic opportunity to take photos of both static and FLYING birds while Barbara sits in the middle of the grassed area of the inner Castle, perhaps called the castle inner walled area. I am told this will take some 90 mins for the full show.

The birds will sit on Barbara outstretched arm ( with gauntlet ) and fly around the inner walls of the castle and sitting upon the inner walls which are some 30 feet high. The bird handler will then call the birds down for food who will then take the food whilst perched on Barbara's arm.

During all of this the group will have the opportunity of using their cameras to take photos, whilst being outside of the grassed inner castle, for NO COSTS. However, if group members wish to get in closer, they are then called "spectators" and this will cost £ 5.00 for each spectator. Paid when I pay for Barbara to do her bit for Queen and Country. The cost for anyone to do this like Barbara would be £ 50.00, and has to be booked well in advance of attending. This is my treat for Barbara, as she has wanted this for some time. 

Therefore, I decided that it would be nice to combine a group photo outing, with the raptor experience for Barbara, so that members can experience this for themselves and perhaps get some good photos for FREE.

Most of us do not get many opportunities to do this type of photography, so thought it a good idea. Please make sure you note this EVENT for Feb in your own diary and let's hope the weather is as good as it was when I was there taking the above photos.


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