Friday, 3 April 2015

Tags and Titles!

HI everyone,

 Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful Easter weather!

I just thought I would take some time during the rain to discuss a couple of points in the use of Flickr.

Flickr, like Facebook and various blogs etc. has a ‘tag' feature. With tags you can add information to a picture or blog that may help you group or organise your photos (or blogs) when you want to view or share them.  For instance, if you want to view all of the group blogs that are about photo outings then you can search the website blog page by typing ‘photo outing’  (without quotes) in the search box. This works because we add a tag for photo outing on all of the blogs about photo outings. (There are several different tags we use in addition to this one, feel free to investigate – I will be adding ‘Flickr’ to all of the ones about Flickr, including this one).

In Flickr, you can edit your tags on individual photos by clicking on the photo and then selecting ‘add tags’ which is displayed under the photo.  You can edit the tags on a group of photos by selecting the group (ie. go into an album ) and click on ‘edit’,  then ‘batch edit’ and finally, ‘add tags’ . Either way, at this point you will have the opportunity to enter the tags you want to add, separating each different tag by a comma eg. photo outing, cliff astles, photo opportunity. This would be useful to identify your pictures by a particular topic ie. sunset or Christmas so you can easily find the ones you want.

We would like members of the group to tag their photos for the monthly slideshows  by adding a tag with the month and year the slideshow is for ie. March 2015. You might also like to add the topic although this is not necessary for the photo to be included in the slideshow, the month and year is.  The date taken, which is part of the EXIF data is not a suitable substitute as we could pick up other photos which are not for the slideshow.


It would also be useful for you to add meaningful titles to your pictures as the title is displayed prominently on Flickr. Also, it adds another dimension to the photo if you can get creative with the title, particularly if it provides a connotation for the photo.

Happy Flickring,

Mel Smith

PS. I have added this as a discussion in the members’ only group on Flickr so that you can add comments on this topic.

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