Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Middlewich Town Council-MFAB Festival-Photo Request.

Photo by Cliff Astles-Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival-Town Wharf

Middlewich Town Council Photo Request

The 21st Century Technology and Camera Group have been approached by Middlewich Town Council  (Mr Dave requesting that the group may wish to help them by providing photos they may take over the weekend in June, when they hold the Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival.

Photo’s requested from members could be used in future years to promote the event and when provided members should state that the photos are to be used for Press and Marketing, as deemed necessary by MTC and are free of any copyright.

This is something I would like to think that members may wish to do for the Town Council, who have in the past helped the group get started by providing financial assistance in the form of a grant last year. It is also something that members have suggested as a group photo outing previously, so it looks like our photos could be put to good use both with the Group Flickr Gallery, and by helping to promote the fantastic event and photo opportunity for the group.

Photos provided should be suitable to be used to promote the event, and can cover ALL topics, and no bigger than 5 Mb and in JPEG format. Attach your photos to an e-mail to Dave Thompson, as above, and state they are from a member of our group and are free from copyright.


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