Thursday, 16 April 2015

Flash Photography Presentation by Owen Lloyd

Flash Photography by Owen Lloyd

Last evening the group were again delighted with the presentation by Owen Lloyd, of Owen Lloyd Photography, who provided not just another great presentation, but with the amount of photography gear he brought with him in support of his presentation, we could have set up a full photography shop and studio.
Owen’s presentation took members on a very interesting journey from the basics of Flash photography, to using all kinds of studio lighting, and also covered many other topics where the use of the many types of studio lighting made photography a real art form.

Owen has almost become a key associate member of the group with his various photography presentations he has provided, and he assures me there are many more to come from him, and others in the future. Next month (Wednesday May 13th Willowmere-Middlewich-7.00 till 9.30) we will be entertained by a work colleague of Owen’s, who will be speaking about the latest mobile phone cameras, and where this type of photography is heading in the future.

Interested? You may wish to check out the group web site ( for more information on how to join this friendly community group, of like minded technology and digital camera members.

The group also have free monthly instructional photo outings, which are very well attended, with both male and female members taking part. It is not unusual for the group to have 15 to 20 members attending these very popular outings. Make sure you are not missing out!!

Cliff Astles

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