Friday, 18 September 2015

Upcoming Opportunities!!

 I have so much to say...

..or as Dave W might put it, "She can 'narf talk, that Mel." :-)

I was so pleased with the way the meeting went on Wednesday, particularly the sort of discussion that was going on and the feedback from the audience was very welcome. It is so important for the group to be exactly that, a group! People with an interest to get more out of their photography and technology, who want to work together to help each other do exactly that.

  As a relief from all of my chatter, there were a couple of tutorials and practicals aimed at helping you get ready for the next photo outing and hone your 'camera settings' skills. Mal has very kindly written a few comments about the evening which can be found here. (Links to the two tutorials are also available on this page too.) The practical activities are something that I feel we should do more of and your feedback seemed to indicate that you agree with this which is great.

  During the evening I mentioned a lot of outings and opportunities that were coming up for the group. The next outing which Dave is currently arranging, should be an opportunity to photograph radio controlled models. Date to be announced ASAP.

  There is also the potential of going down Woods Mine at Alderley Edge. Alan and I went down there a couple of weeks ago (sans camera so can only provide a couple of phone shots I'm afraid) but there were a couple of interesting 'waterfalls' where the copper deposits have left beautiful green and blue trails on the rocks and a large cavern where we can do some light painting.
When I mentioned this the interest was good so I will now go ahead and start making arrangements. I am suggesting the afternoon of Saturday 14th November as the first Saturday in the month (which we usually do) will clash with fireworks events. The price is £6 a head and I will need the money when you put your name down for the event. I will start collecting from confirmation of the date. This outing, as indeed any other, will also be made available to Middlewich Photographers. Money will be refunded if the club has to cancel the event due to lack of interest. If somebody doesn't turn up then the fee will usually be forfeited depending on circumstances. Certainly any cost to the group will have to be deducted. Myself or Kyla will also investigate the chance of a warm fire and snacks in the Wizard afterwards.

  On the subject of light painting, I believe that Bill Armsden is going to do a local walk about in Middlewich one night in the autumn with the intention of doing some lightpainting so when I find out a date I will let you know. I know that everyone who went last year had a great time and loved their photos afterwards.

In December, we will be looking at 'light on skin' at Willowmere Meeting and our outing will be the Christmas meal.

The final opportunity is that Ian Hill Smith has invited any member of the group to consider showing their photos for sale in his Artspace. Phil Tomlinson kindly gave us more information on this and has a service where you can get your photos printed for this purpose (and other forms of display). I suggest that he is one of your first ports of call if you want to check your image is of the right technical quality to print. (How about a blog on it Phil? - hint, hint :-) )

Like I said, lots of opportunities, lots of chatter!

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