Friday, 18 September 2015


Working on getting enough funds for lots of fun things!

  The committee have had their meeting about fundraising and it was decided that besides applying for grants and funds from the CVSCE and other sources that the group would benefit if we had at least one major raffle a year with tickets available to all and a few more, regular, smaller ones for members.
  The larger raffle will require members to use any contacts they have with local businesses to get them to support our group. This time round I will be contacting Morrison's, Tesco and some of the smaller shops that are left in the town to see whether they will be able to donate a prize.  I will also try my luck with Creativelive and Udemy. Phil Tomlinson has already very kindly offered to donate a canvas print of a picture (MANY thanks Phil) and I hope that if any of you know any business that might like to donate, that you enquire to see what they might be able to offer. If we can get the prizes set up for the beginning of October we can sell tickets for the first two/three weeks in October. I can provide a standard letter requesting a donation for the raffle if you need one.
  We will also be having smaller, in-house, raffles for cakes, used photography books etc. that members have donated at some of our regular meetings.
  Some of the money raised from these activities will go towards printing costs of all-occasion cards and/or Christmas cards. The sales of which will again bring in more  funds. I will set up a few suitable sections of our Flickr group for you to put forward the images which you think are suitable for use and you do not mind be used in this manner. If your images are chosen, you will not be losing your copyright, just signing a form to agree to our printing of your image for the purpose of raising funds for the group. Your name as photographer and the groups id as a not-for-profit charity will appear on the cards. A range of pictures will be chosen, ie. a set of insect cards seems likely given the output of recent weeks.
  Please let me know if you can help with any of this. It is very important for the group.
Many thanks,
Mel Smith

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