Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Member Update-WANTED-Group member photos of Mid-Cheshire / Cheshire.

Photo by Cliff Astles.

Original photo from Holly Holy Day-Nantwich-2015. Post processed using LR4/PICASA3. SEPIA Finish.

Local FREE paper the INDEPENDENT covering Mid-Cheshire, has expressed interest in being provided with Group Member photos from our FREE "Instructional Photo Outings" and any of  YOUR OWN Colour or Black & White shots taken whilst you are out and about in Mid-Cheshire, or even further afield, but ONLY Cheshire please.

They are planning on doing a new feature article about the our Group, what the aims of the group are, and our recent success in gaining so many new members etc.

They also wish to have a follow-up each month on the group progress / outings etc,  and have requested that photos taken by the group, would help them (and us :) ) to gain an excellent marketing opportunity for the group.

Therefore, to get this moving we need to help ourselves, and the INDEPENDENT, by providing them with photos of Mid Cheshire, and Cheshire which would be used to promote the groups activities to a far bigger audience in Cheshire, and for the paper a continuing updated set of quality photos of our Cheshire, towns and villages.

This request for your best shots from our outings and when roaming free yourself, are initially required to be sent via the Group e-mail ( ) to myself. I will then select 10 to 20 to be sent to the INDEPENDENT free paper each month, leaving the final selection down to the paper, to compliment the monthly group feature article.

When we have finalised how we plan to have photos presented and displayed in the Group Web Page, we will then change this method of getting photos to myself, and then onward to the INDEPENDENT paper.

However, until that time please let me have your own "better shots" in FULL RESOLUTION, with who took the photo, where the photos was taken, when, and a two or three word CAPTION.

I will then hold all photos on my own Home PC in a specific Member Gallery for the INDEPENDENT.

This to me looks to be a fantastic opportunity for group members to show off your own newly found photography skills and creativity, and to show others great photos of our beautiful County of Cheshire.

Therefore, please get your cameras clicking away, and your shots to myself, so we can not only show our Cheshire community just what we have show of Cheshire, but will also act as a magnet for the group, to stimulate other residents to join our exciting, enthusiastic, and quickly growing group.



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