Friday, 20 February 2015

21st GROUP-Focuses on Supporting the Community with Technology & Digital Camera Help.

Article in the INDEPENDENT Local Newspaper-FEB 2015

Hopefully, first of many press items featuring the 21st Century Technology & Camera Group.

Not 100% correct (would love to have 100 members at the group meetings :) ), but close enough.

This will give the group it's FIRST of many I am told!!

Our member photos will be featured each month with another write up of what we have done, and are doing for the local community with photos taken by our many members. Photos need to be sent to myself at first (requested on the previous BLOG), and then later if members continue to help the paper with more photos of  MID-Cheshire, they will continue to help the group with marketing of what we are doing, each month.

We will be changing the way we help the INDEPENDENT with photos, when Melody has completed her evaluation of software packages, in the near future. But, what we are dong now is AOK until, Mel's evaluation has been concluded.

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