Thursday, 26 February 2015

21st Group make the local Press, yet AGAIN!

Press Article from the local Guardian Newspaper this week, 27th Feb 2015
We are being treated very well by the local Middlewich & Winsford Guardian Newspaper, with thanks to Josh, the Middlewich and Winsford Guardian Reporter.

I do provide the information when we have something worthy to report, and Josh certainly makes sure we get our nose in somewhere, even though he was not able to use any of our photos, this time around. However, with such good press I feel sure this will allow for the group to gain more members, as this never fails when we have good press relations.

NOW-How about making more of the many photos the group take when we are on outings, or even your own photos when out and about. You will see from the nice photo above by Nick Jones, and their comments, they NEED MORE FROM YOU!!!

Get your own OUT and ABOUT photos sent in to the Guardian, and they will do their level best to try and get them printed. 

Try to make sure you also tell them you are a member of the 21st Group, as this will also give us some more, much needed press, and the more press we get, means more new members.

More photos of Mid-Cheshire for use by the INDEPENDENT Free Newspaper.
You can also help the group by getting your MID-CHESHIRE photos, of anything, anywhere, on any topic, sent to myself using the group e-mail of

They have committed to myself to run a GROUP ARTICLE each month, letting the local community know who we are, what we do in Mid-Cheshire, and why!!

ALL we have to do is to get your Mid-Cheshire photos to myself, and until the Web Page takes over this task, I will then send your photos to the Newspaper EDITOR, direct. She will then use the photos in their monthly Newspaper, which will again help the group mature and gain new members.

I have had some, BUT NEARLY ENOUGH, so get out and about with your digital camera, and get these good photos to myself !!!!

This is just a fantastic opportunity for the 21st group, so please try not to waste it :)



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