Thursday, 19 March 2015

Post-March Group Meeting.

Photo by Cliff Astles............Group Meeting Venue-Willowmere-Middlewich.

March Group Meeting-Post meeting revue / update.

I would like to thank all of the members for a very good turnout for our March group meeting.

We were also very happy to see quite a number of new members, and the topics of technology and photography with member questions going down well with the whole group.

Wondering if half the attendees had deserted and gone home after the half time tea break,  I was delighted to see that the new Member Training Facility, was being fully investigated by some half of the members. Many were just checking out what we had and how to get on-board with some more specific technology and photography at a later date. 

Member Ken Rane is our Training co-coordinator for technology, photography, and photo post processing, and much, much more.

Interested ? then let Ken know of your needs and he will discuss this with you, and recommend the way ahead for each person, as each persons needs can be quite different.

Member training is available for members wanting specific 1 to 1 help, and we are also interested in running small group training ( 4 to 6 members per group). Costs are from £ 5.00 per hour for group training to £10.00 per hour if you would prefer 1 to 1.

Currently, all training will take place at the Willowmere-Middlewich on Sunday afternoons for those interested. ALL monies raised by our volunteer trainers will go directly to help the group finance's, after paying for the hire of the Willowmere.

Next group meeting at the Willowmere will be on Wednesday 15th April-7.00 to 9.30 pm. Presentation Topic is TBA at this time.

North Wales, Group Photo Outing-Sunday May 17th 2015

Photo by Cliff Astles-Llanberis Pass Stream

We now have some 27 places filled for the tour, and the bus will take 38. ........PLEASE BOOK UP NOW !!!!

A number of the members have already paid for this day out but I would like to say one FINAL TIME. The trip will go ahead should the bus be full or not :)

However, if members are not wanting to take the trip I will be forced to put the tour out to the general public to fill the places left. I would therefore make this last request for member to book seats, if they wish to go. 

After this next full week (Sunday 29th March) the trip will be then put out to the general public to ensure we have a fully paid up coach full. The group cannot afford to pay out for unused seats :(

FINAL and FULL payment in full for the trip will be required to be paid to Bab's by the end of APRIL, but preferably by the April Group Meeting on Wednesday 15th April.

I am also considering another CANAL BOAT trip along the Shropshire Union Canal, perhaps end of AUGUST / SEPTEMBER, when I hope it will be a tad warmer than the trip in Jan. If this trip is only half as good as the last one it will be one to remember :)


March 19th 2015.

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