Monday, 26 January 2015

Haunting Photos!

Photo by Mal Wetton, who today shows the way with his exhausting walk around Chester to get some of the Chester GHOST Photos for the groups Photo TOPIC for the FEB Group Meeting.

Have had some of the requested member photos to be collated and included into the FEB Member Photo MS Presentation, but thought I would place this on the Web Page and Facebook to show just what ghost photos are all about. 

Mal's example above is an excellent one and should be a good pointer for other members to get out and about to get more.

For our many new members, who may not quite understand what I am on about ...

We have a group topic for photos to be taken by members and submitted to myself, via our group e-mail at

Members use the topic and provide up to 5 photos via the group e-mail to myself, of no more than 500K in size (ish). This allows for all members to be taking the same kind of photo and when shown in the MS PowerPoint presentation, you can then compare how you have got on and compare yourself with others, if you so wish. 

Members are also encouraged to contact other members, via Facebook messaging, if they particularly like someones photo / setting / composure etc and ask questions from members as to the photo settings, if they so wish. This works !!! 

Your photography skill set will considerably increase if you follow this simple technique of sharing interests and knowledge with members.

I know, it has worked for me :)


PS The cut-off date for photos to myself this month will be SATURDAY 14th February, to give myself time to pull all of the photos together in the PS Presentation.

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