Friday, 16 January 2015

Member Update-Instructional Photo Outing-ON WATER

Ahoy, or Hello SAILOR for those lucky people who have been so brave enough to book with the Group to come on an "Instructional Photo Outing" adventure on the Shropshire Union Canal, tomorrow Saturday 17th Jan 2015.

Dave Warren and myself have just been out for a couple of hours, to complete the necessary training course for the steering, mooring, and general boat handling of a Narrow Boat, hired for the day from Middlewich Narrowboats.

A very FIRST for both myself and Dave and when we arrived we found the boats were a slight bit bigger than we both thought we were going to get. Dave's boat is 65 FEET LONG, and my boat is 70 FOOT.

Anyhow, no worries the instructors said we were both very good, so no worries for the rest of the crew.

Anyhow, a few things for those attending so that we all have a nice day.

A) The TWO boats are moored just up from the WARDLE LOCK Cottage, between the first and second bridges and both Dave and myself will be trying to get there for 8.30 am to get the boats started and the CENTRAL HEATING working, and warmed up, before our "guests" arrive. The boats are positioned between the junctions of SUTTON LANE and ST ANNES ROAD in Middlewich, and the Canal.

There are plenty of car parking space on the roads around there, but you can also be cheeky and park on the British Legion Car Park, which is just up SUTTON LANE ( 50 yards ) on the right. Don't think they will bother about people parking, particularly so early in the morning :(.

If in doubt, and after you have parked you cars) go to the Middlewich Narrow Boats, boat yard and they will give directions to where we have positioned the boats. PLEASE try not to be late as we need to get away quite quickly after 9.00 am.

IT will be COLD and ICY so please get well wrapped up, and watch for the ice on the Canal towpath, particularly when getting onto the boats. The boats FULLY equipped with running water, cups, pans and both have toilets on board. Instructions will be given by Dave and myself, when we are all on board both of the boats. So, we should be OK to make hot drinks and stuff :)

We will be going slowly, and will go about 2 / 3 hours out and back, and told there is much to photograph including KINGFISHERS, so we maybe lucky.

We may be able to stop at the VIADUCT MARINA for a coffee and snack, BUT, bring something yourself as we may not make it that far, depends upon our driving :( plus some coffee / tea, but Bab's will have with her the normal "BAG of GOODIES" with tea / coffee etc if you are stuck for anything.

We plan to be back at Middlewich Narrow Boats about 4.00 / 4.30 before it get dark.

IF IN me  07971 136360.

We will talk about cameras and settings of same, when we finish the BOAT info, but again, if in any doubt set the camera to auto for normal quick shots, and speak to me if you want to have your camera set to take birds in FLIGHT, as these settings are slightly different.

I want you to enjoy the day as much as possible, and if we enjoy the day we will do this again when the weather is a little kinder.

PLEASE, get some of your better shots ( NO MORE THAN FIVE EACH) back to myself as soon as possible, so they can be included in the member photo presentation for next WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

But remember no bigger than 500 k in size or they will not fit onto the MS PowerPoint Presentation :) :)

If you have any further questions, please give me a bell, as above.


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