Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Member Help at Willowmere & Technology and Digital Questions / Answers-Jan 2015

Member "Instructional Photo Outing" photo from Pennington Flash Album.

Our group has recently grown very quickly, so that at last months meeting we had some some 33 persons in total at the monthly meeting, with an unusually large number of new members attending for the first time.

This is very encouraging to see and no doubt hope this is a continuing theme for the future success of the group. However, it has indicated that we need more member resource to properly "meet and greet" new members. We need to make sure they know where to go, who people are at the meetings, and perhaps what will be happening on the night and sequence of the meeting schedule, toilets, fire escapes and the fact that we are meeting at an older peoples residence, and need to be quieter than normal.

Both Mal Wetton and Les Oakley have previously offered to help out whenever something was needed, and now is the right time to get changes made to ensure a better flow as people register and come to the group meetings at Willowmere, and to also make sure of other things as above, and more.

Therefore, at future meetings we plan to have as normal on the door at Willowmere Brian Roberts, who will allow for people to enter the premises (they are locked at 5.30 pm), with Mrs Barbara Astles who will ensure that all members and visitors all sign the visitors / security book at the Willowmere Reception Desk.

In addition to myself at the door (most of the time) will be Les Oakley and Mal Wetton. We will try and ensure that all new members / visitors / guests are properly met, shown where to go for the meeting etc etc. They will also make people aware of the H & S issues in place at Willowmere for the safety of visitors and residents alike, and where ever possible point people in the direction of the Meeting room. (Restaurant).

Furthermore, Mal Wetton has agreed to help with any technical questions regarding technology, digital cameras, settings, and other similar items. Mal should be contacted first at meetings or on the group Facebook Page, and he will try and answer your questions, as well as pointing you in the direction of the member who can perhaps help more with answers, probably a bit of both.

In the fullness of time, we believe as the Group Web Page matures members will make more use of the Group Forum to ask any similar questions and will get answers from many members on the Forum Page.

Finally, should members find other items that require attention in making the group run better, let me have your comments via the group e-mail ( to myself. This may also include topics which you feel you would like added to the future group EVENTS to make the future meetings as interesting and informative as possible.

Cliff Astles
28th Jan 2015.

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