Thursday, 5 March 2015

SUNRISE on a NEW ERA of the 21st Century Technology & Camera Group

Photo By Cliff Astles-Sunrise over Mow Cop, Biddulph-Staffordshire

21st Group-Member TRAINING on Photography, Basic IT for Photography & MS Office for Business, plus MUCH, MUCH More :)
The Group has purchased (from GRANT Funds) a NEW HP Laptop. This has been configured and made live by our Group  Sponsor, Amita UK Ltd, so we say thank you to Darren Astles MD, for his good services :).

The Laptop will be used initially at monthly meetings for presenting the previous month's photo topics and member photos from our FREE "Instructional Photo Outings".


Following discussion with Group Committee Members, we have asked Ken Rane (with myself and other volunteer members, if possible, as back up) to be responsible for a Group Training Schedule. What is being planned at this stage is that there will be TWO member training sessions. 

One will be for members wishing to do some minor training, brush up skill training, or by asking members for some direction etc at the monthly meetings at Willowmere. These at this stage will not be officially planned as we are still unsure what member training is required, but members will be able to use the Laptop, and the 32 inch TV as the monitor (so others can view if they wish). A more skilled member will be present to give guidance and a small measure of training on a number of software products the group has purchased. 

These will include the below, which will be continually added to and updated as necessary.

Post photo editing software...............Photoshop.................................Lightroom Version 5
Post photo editing software...............PICASA3.................................FREE from Google
Microsoft Office software..................MS 365 Office.........................Purchased copy.

There will also be a number of other software packages installed as Ken decides which is best suited for the group to use. We are also planning to have further funded training for members. A small fee would be required to cover the rental of the facilities at Willowmere Middlewich, on perhaps SUNDAY PM, when Ken and myself are ready  and available. Members involved in training will provide their own time FREE, and any funds raised by their efforts will be paid to the Group in order to help secure it's future.

Willowmere Middlewich-Training (ONE to ONE ) £ 10.00 per hour.

Training on fairly basic photography, and a measure of training on the supporting IT necessary for beginners to use for editing, photo re-sizing, Internet loading of photos, and e-mail etc. We will be prepared to provide such training as is deemed necessary to meet the expectations of the learner, and it will be entirely up to the trainer to decide the level of training necessary for that individual.

Willowmere Middlewich-Training (GROUP Training) £ 5.00 per hour.

It is planned that training for a GROUP of members will be similar to the one to one sessions above. However, the cost will be for each person only £ 5.00 per hour, as we plan to have groups of  FOUR to SIX MEMBERS (and no more) per training session. Members wishing to take part in these training sessions will need to make contact via email on the group Website 'contact us' page to make arrangements to attend.

Members booking places for training will be expected to pay at the start of the training session however please be aware that booking a slot with Ken confirms you wish to complete such training and the room at Willowmere will be paid for. Members who reserve a slot for training, but do not attend will be expected to pay for the missed session at the next group meeting.

Further group member training will be considered, depending upon the needs of the members, and will be down to Ken Rane to consider what training maybe necessary. A schedule of the member training plans will be made available, when all the details have been decided.

Ken can be contacted by using Facebook. 


Cliff & Ken.

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