Monday, 2 March 2015

MARCH Monthly Member Meeting Photo Presentation

Photo by Cliff Astles-Warmingham Lane-Middlewich-Cheshire

Still WANTED ---Large numbers of your Photos!!

Group Member Update for Photographs :) :) :)

There are a number of good reasons to be out and about, as we get much better weather than is normal for this time of your, so here area few reminders, when taking some more photos.

As a GROUP, there has been a request from the Editor of this newspaper DIRECT to the group, to let them have ANY photos taken in and around Mid-Cheshire of buildings, parks flowers, churches, people so they can use the photos to show off where we live. In return, YOU could have your very own photos printed in the paper, with information about the group, and what we are doing together to help the group and local community. Therefore, please let me have your photos, with your name, where the photo was taken, what it is, and a Caption for each photograph.


Warrington Guardian Series of Newspapers.
The local Guardian Series of Cheshire Newspapers have a similar request. However, they want you to send YOUR photos direct to the newspaper for publication of the better local shots. See the Guardian Newspaper series for information where to send you photos.


21st Century Technology & Camera Group
Finally, I have already had photos provided by members of the TOPICS for this next months member photo presentation, but NEED MORE. 

Sunrise-Sunsets, plus Spring Flowers are the ones we require, plus of course photos from our afternoon out together at MARBURY PARK on Saturday afternoon 7th March, 2.00 till 4.00 pm.

It takes quite a while for myself to collate all of the photos and place these into a MS PowerPoint presentation for the monthly meeting, so don't delay, get those photos off  TODAY. Also, please remember to re-size them to be less that 500K per photo, as PowerPoint ONLY allow 25 megabyte for the whole presentation, so please keep them small, but high quality. :)

Please let me have your re-sized photos via Group e-mail at as soon as possible as I normally get a large number from our photo days out, and would like the others asap.



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